1932-2022 Monfort, 90 years providing transport services.

Transportes Monfort, founded in 1932 by Manuel Monfort Fabregat, a pioneer in the opening of new road transport routes, this year celebrates its 90th anniversary with Manuel Monfort Tena leading the fourth generation.

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Monfort takes care of our planet

At Transportes Monfort, we are aware of the responsibility we have with our planet, so we always try to minimize as much as possible...

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The company Transportes Monfort with base in Castellon has made a donation to the General Hospital of Castellón: 65 teams of disposable overalls...

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Monfort Solidarity against COVID’19

The company Transportes Monfort with base in Castellon has made a donation to the General Hospital of Castellón: 65 teams of disposable overalls...

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Monfort joins the Pablo Herrera Olympic project

Monfort reinforces its commitment to sport by signing an agreement with Pablo Herrera, the Olympic beach volleyball medallist in Athens 2004, who

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APQ and SEVESO Authorizations

TRANSPORTES MONFORT has been grated with the APQ and the SEVESO authorizations for its storage facilities at Avda. Enrique Gimeno Castellon...

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Company Of The Year Award 2014

Transportes Monfort is the Company of the Year 2014 in the province of Castellón. This veteran company with more than 80 years of history...

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Monfort customs warehousing services

The Separate Customs Warehouse and the Customs Warehouse by Transportes Monfort are your best allies in the international market...

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Monfort renews its corporate image

Transportes Monfort is one of the main Spanish transport and logistics companies, with routes to over 1,500 destinations worldwide...

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Welcome to the company of the stars

Located in Castellón, in the heart of the Mediterranean corridor, Transportes Monfort is a large team of national and international road transport professionals, with more than 80 years experience providing quality service which is direct and efficient, and which is confirmed by their customer’s loyalty.

Transportes Monfort began operations in 1932 in Villafranca del Cid (Castellón). In 1965, they started the first exportation of oranges to Germany, they were pioneers in traffic with Italy, a country with which they maintain a daily haulage service to which 90 trucks of the firm leave every week. With the latest technology, the best personnel, and quality service, Transportes Monfort is led by the 4th generation of the family, and today is an international leader in the field of transport and logistics.


From its headquarters in Ciudad del Transporte de Castellón (Castellón’s “Transport City”), Transportes Monfort offers a wide range of services including transport of full loads, split hauls, powder products, dangerous goods, waste, products for animal feed, food in isolated containers, for which it boasts a wide range of equipment, from platforms to tankers for powder products of various types. Through the Transportes Belda division, located in Benicarló, Monfort offers liquid chemical transport services, including ADR, nationally and internationally.

In its more than 50,000 m2 at Av. Enrique Gimeno Castellón, Transportes Monfort has 15,000 m2 of warehouses dedicated to the storage and re-packaging of goods.  Having an authorized Separate Customs Warehouse and the Customs Warehouse, is a service that brings great tax advantages to business users. Transportes Monfort manages the customs formalities, supply and storage of products from tankers and general cargo.

Monfort with its logistics base in the “City of Transport”, has 17,000 m2 of public parking for trucks along the highway access to the Port of Castellón, at 1 km from the National 340 and AP-7, with continuous surveillance and controlled access.


Monfort destinations

The capacity and expertise of the firm allows for all types of transport of goods by road, with reach to more than 1,500 different destinations. We have direct service to 15 European countries (Italy, France, Portugal, Germany, Holland, Belgium, UK, etc.) as well as the countries of Eastern Europe.

Transport Monfort’s more than 120 semi-tractor units, on average are below 2 years old, are equipped with maximum security and comply with European standards on environmental pollution, thus having the most advanced technologies in transportation. The semi-trailer park consists of 250 units between taut-liners, silos and tanks for liquids.

Since 1992, a sophisticated information and satellite tracking system, allows positioning of all Transportes Monfort vehicles on georeferenced maps to visualize the exact point where a vehicle is located, communicate with the driver and to plot the most optimal routes.  This system allows the customer to know in real time – from Russia to Morocco – the exact location of their goods with a margin of error of 100 m.


Transportes Monfort has been dedicated to, and invested in, the implementation of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG – at liquid state at -160 °C) as fuel for their trucks on international routes. Emissions of natural gas engines are minimal in the most dangerous emissions: NOx, NO2, particles and a significant reduction in CO2. Transportes Monfort has invested in the new service station Liquefied Natural Gas (for trucks) and Compressed Gas (for cars, buses, taxis, etc.). The natural gas reservoir has a capacity of 60 m3 and it has several pumps installed that are open to the public.

Currently the company has 7 tractor trucks vehicles running on liquefied natural gas. For this reason, Monfort is a member of the Blue Corridor project, funded and sponsored by the European Union for the development of the use of this fuel in heavy transport throughout its territory.


Being in the world of road transport for nearly 75 years is not luck, but a result of hard work and the confidence given in the quality of our services by hundreds of customers.

In 1999, Transportes Monfort received the Quality Certificate according to the UNE EN ISO 9002:1994 standard awarded by the prestigious Bureau Veritas Quality International, which was adapted to the ISO 9001:2008 standard and lately to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard (Certificate ES-108814-1). These certifications highlight the continuous efforts made by Transportes Monfort to establish best practices while providing our services, together with the verification and continuous improvement thereof.

Recently, Transportes Monfort has obtained certification according to norm ISO 14001: 2015, granted by the firm Bureau Veritas, which endorses our environmental management and positions us as a socially responsible company.

To meet business goals is compatible with the implementation of policies committed to respecting nature. In November 2004, Transportes Monfort was audited and obtained the Register of Quality, Safety and Environment under the SQAS – Safety and Quality Assessment System, with registration number 87855, regarding services of National and International Transport of Dangerous Goods, reflecting Transportes Monfort’s commitment to be a leader in technology, quality and capacity to the widest possible range of vehicles, goods and routes.

Obtained in July 2014, the goal of the GMP+ Certification is to ensure food security for the animal feed transported by us. Helping to strengthen client confidence in our services. Regarding the scope of the certification issued to Transportes Monfort, it focuses on ROAD modules and is based on the application of the principles of HACCP to ensure food safety.

Transportes Monfort has committed to the Zero Pellet campaign, OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP, aimed at raising awareness of the environmental impact of the loss of pellets in petrochemical plants and storage facilities.

Our company has recently adhered to this program as part of the pellet supply chain: during loading, transport and unloading.

To meet the objectives of OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP we have trained our drivers, signed the adhesion and implemented a series of procedures. You can check our adhesion and read our commitment with this program.

Transportes Monfort is registered as an authorized company for carrying out the transport of animal by-products not for human use of the Category 3 SANDACH, ensuring the compliance with the health and safety rules established by the current legislation.

Naturally, being here is not the final goal, but a part of the journey we have been driving daily since 1932 when Manuel Monfort Fabregat began to open new routes in road transport.

Company Management is committed to Quality, Health & Safety of workers, the protection of facilities, the transported goods and equipment used, and to respect for the environment. Transportes Monfort has an integrated quality management system that includes health and safety management, protection, quality, environment and corporate social responsibility. From this system are derived the company policies in the areas of Quality, Management Commitment, Code of Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.

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