Transportes Monfort with the “Marató BP Castelló”

Transportes Monfort with the “Marató bp Castelló”

There are just over two weeks left before the start of the XII edition of the Marató bp Castelló and the IX edition of the 10K FACSA Castelló and the event continues to gain support. Transportes Monfort, after its support as a collaborator, this year becomes the official sponsor of the event and reaffirms its commitment with an event that locates our province in the elite of international sport. Manuel Monfort Colom, administrator of the firm and Juanma Medina, vice president of the Club d’Atletisme Running Castelló have ratified this collaboration.

Transportes Monfort celebrates 90 years at the service of national and international road transport, its trajectory being a clear example of professionalism in service, flexibility, innovation and respect for the environment. But also commitment to its own territory, promoting the positioning of Castellón on the map, with prestigious events such as Marató bp Castelló. Both projects are joined by values of effort and international projection.

In addition, Transportes Monfort treasures a broad commitment with sport over the years. Beyond the running competition, Monfort is a sponsor of the Cursa Tombatossals, the 5K Circuit Increasingly more women and the Castellón Benjamín Basketball Club.