Gas Station GNV

The CNG or “Compressed Natural Gas” is the environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum.

A new form of energy, cleaner, cheaper and more efficient than traditional fossil fuels, and with a growing presence throughout the European car fleet.
With higher efficiency than diesel engines and significantly lower gas emission than that required by the European Union, Compressed Natural Gas is the best choice for transport professionals.
Transportes Monfort offers its new CNG service station located at Avenida Europa in the “Transport City” in Castellón.


With over 80 years experience in the field of road transport, a fleet of over 100 tractor units equipped with the latest technology and numerous awards for quality and safety, Transportes Monfort has always put forth effective environmentally friendly solutions, making it the benchmark company in the sector.
In its constant effort for innovation and environmental care, Transportes Monfort is the first company in road haulage in Europe to incorporate into its fleet, heavy vehicles powered exclusively by Natural Compressed Gas.


To think CNG/Monfort is thinking savings.
With a consumption of up to 65% less than that of a gasoline engine and 50% lower price per kilo of fuel, Compressed Natural Gas is the perfect choice for professional transport.
In addition, by removing carbon residue or sediment produced by the combustion of fossil materials, the costs of repairs and replacement of parts are significantly reduced.


The CNG engines offer emission levels well below those required by the most rigorous and stringent European Regulations, ahead of the most demanding standards. The use of Compressed Natural Gas means reducing from the outset the emission of harmful gases into the environment such as carbon monoxide or methane, that very negatively affect the air quality of our cities.


With more than 20,000 service stations already offering CNG worldwide, Compressed Natural Gas is becoming the most versatile alternative to traditional fossil fuels; an unstoppable growth witnessed by the 2,600 stations under construction in Europe, will join the 60 already operating in Spain. In Castellón, located at the “Transport City”, the CNG/Monfort station provides personal attention and quality service, 24 hours a day.


The major carmakers already sell vehicles for all needs: cars, vans, trucks and buses are powered by Compressed Natural Gas. Brands like Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Volkswagen, Citroën, Fiat and Iveco offer vehicles with CNG engines or hybrids that perfectly adapt to your transport needs, in a clean and efficient way; therefore, thanks to this technology more than 17 million vehicles are used worldwide.


Compressed Natural Gas is the perfect choice for professional transport. A cost per kilometre much lower than fossil fuels, low environmental impact and declining technology prices have made CNG engines the best investment. Many of the best urban transport companies, taxi drivers, car rental companies and public service vehicles around the world have already proven the enormous advantages of using this clean and efficient fuel.


Compressed Natural Gas use ensures much quieter and enjoyable driving.
Thanks to CNG technology, combustion occurs in a much smoother manner and noise pollution decreases by 5 decibels; equivalent to reducing noise of a gasoline engine in half.


The CNG is lighter than air and, in the unlikely event of an escape, rises and dissipates into the atmosphere without forming accumulations at levels dangerous to human health.
In addition, to ignite it requires a temperature of 600 °C, much higher than propane, so risk of a possible fire or explosion is greatly reduced.


To choose Compressed Natural Gas is to choose the perfect combination of performance, economy, safety and respect for the environment. An average cost per kilo lower than that of the diesel fuel, quieter engines, and with emission levels well below those required by the most strict European standards, as well as the proximity of CNG refuelling points, means it is a safe bet for your vehicle.

LOCATION You will find us at Avenida Europa, located in the heart of the Ciudad del Transporte (“Transport City”) in Castellón.