Monfort renews its corporate image

Monfort renews its corporate image

Transportes Monfort is one of the main Spanish transport and logistics companies, with routes to over 1,500 destinations worldwide.

To align the image of the brand with new objectives set by the company for the coming years, Monfort has carried out an optimization of the logo and a redesign of the entire visual universe surrounding the brand. This project was developed by AB>diseño   design studio at their office in Castellón.

This is not only optimizing the logo, but it is the creation of a whole new system of graphic design elements that will help the brand to gain relevance and consistency in today’s complex communication environments.

The main change introduced by this new branding scheme is the synthesis of its symbol and its union with the new logo in the horizontal version, thus generating a logo-symbol, more adaptable to the environment and corporate media standards of the company

The following design study and a significant change, has been the addition of a colour palette for the different divisions of the company: blue for transport, red for logistics, etc. The brand’s expression is widened, adding visual appeal and dynamism.

The historical company colours, silver and blue, have remained virtually unchanged, seeking the utmost respect for the essence of the brand and its origins.

In short, there has been a highly developed consulting project and rebranding, which has managed to revitalize an emblematic identity without losing its essential concepts, thus projecting the company into a new dimension.