Warehousing services

Monfort customs warehousing services

The Separate Customs Warehouse and the Customs Warehouse by Transportes Monfort are your best allies in the international market. Monfort, a leading company in the transportation sector since 1932, offers more than 50,000 m2 of facilities dedicated to storage of goods, which have the approval of the Separate Customs Warehouse and the Customs Warehouse, a service that will bring great tax advantages to your company.
Thanks to Transportes Monfort warehouses, you can:

– Store for an unlimited period of time your goods from outside the EU (through the Customs Warehouse) without accruing any taxes, deferring the payment of tariffs and import VAT. – Collect in advance Export Tax Rebates.

– Store for an unlimited period of time your goods from the EU (through the Separate Customs Warehouse) accruing the applicable tariff but deferring the payment of VAT on imports.

– Reduce the delivery lead-time to your end customers by maintaining safety stocks without paying VAT/Tariffs.

-Improve your cash flow by settling taxes only when dispatching.

– Improve your purchasing policy to be able to import at the most advantageous time (appropriate currency exchange, volume discounts) without liquidating taxes.

– No need to rely on Source Documentation to be able to do the receive right on time.

– Facilitate standard operations to your stored merchandise, to ensure their conservation; improve their performance or marketable quality or prepare them for distribution or resale.

– Receive, tag, prepare, transfer and ship products via platform or tank without moving the goods out of our facilities.

– Rely on all the security and experience of a leading company.

Transportes Monfort offers the perfect solution for companies importing goods or who want to have material stock in a better location at Avenue Enrique Gimeno, close to the ceramic belt and the commercial port of Castellón.

For more information, contact us at tel. +34 964 34 11 00 or by the e-mail address info@monfort.es